hands manipulate and shape form while sounds guide the path of will. The presence of two create an external entity made of blood, earth, cotton and plants. all emotions sawn in from various heights and angles. A shared geographical sense of origin, distance, hurt, devotion and the influence of hypersensitivity become the heart and lungs.

in collaboration with Gabriel Moraes Aquino.
simultaneous performance — myself at in.plano, L'île Saint Denis, France / Gabriel at the Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China.
Group show with Persona Curada curated by Noelia Portela.

clay, blood, cotton fabric and thread, flowers, water, white wine, dragon's blood sage, white wax candle, matches, canvas textile, paper prints, cassette tape and player, cardboard box, various undisclosed objects

(diverse dimensions)

performance, approximately 2 hours 
08 June 2019

captures: Tania Gheerbrant and Santiago Esses