Chimeras - Winter 2012.  Hasselblad 500 C/M.

Chimeras is a photographic project that explores mysticism within different societies of the world, as interpreted through conceptual self-portraiture. This series was shot in the Patagonia region of Chile during the months of January and February of 2012.

Chimeras consists of four different characters (“Huldrekall”, “Lilith”, “Mandragora” and “Salamander”) inspired by factual ritualism practiced in primitive cultures, in addition to humankind’s faithful beliefs in the supernatural. All of these characters were created with the help of artist Andrew Jordan, whose incalculable expertise was fundamental to the development of my vision.

Jordan and I designed the costumes for Chimeras so that they would complement Patagonia’s remarkably diverse and rich terrain. Its mountains, lakes, forests and meadows quickly became home to the creatures and through the camera, I was able to capture their metaphysical existence.

The Land of Patagonia is an ever-changing part of our planet that faces threat of destruction every year. My goal as an artist with this series isn’t merely to portray fantasy, but to also to document the glorious presence of Nature and to create awareness of our responsibility to physically experience it and protect it.